Perhaps the most important asset of a business is its brand. A brand reflects the essence and identity of a business and differentiates its products, goods, and messaging from that of competitors.

Whether your brand is emerging or looking to reinvent itself, a brand strategy is going to help you shape your company’s image for your audience and potential customers. A brand strategy plan is a formal presentation that delineates the steps to take to implement a carefully crafted brand strategy, that hopefully influences not only buying decisions, but strengthens the brand, and eventually leads to brand equity.

Delivering your plan to all stakeholders in the form of a quality presentation is essential in ensuring buy-in. A well-delivered presentation will clearly send a message that your brand is worth investing in, and will make it easy for those managing the brand to be able to implement the necessary steps or adjustments to catapult the brand.

Here are some things you absolutely shouldn’t skimp on when delivering your brand strategy presentation.

  • A clear and focused target audience

Understanding who you’re making this presentation for and who your brand will attract helps shape your tone, message, and direction. An understanding of your target demographic is also crucial in shaping your goals and priorities. You are creating your brand to appeal to these individuals and research is key in this stage of development.

  • Meaningful but attainable goals

Without goals, there are no outcomes. Setting goals that measure things like revenue, growth, and awareness are a fantastic way to create a brand strategy context, but making the goals too high to attain, may actually hinder the brand.

  • Unique logo, colors, and visual elements

Part of differentiating a brand includes how creative you can get with the brand elements. Create brand elements that make the business pop, but also tie back to the brand’s positioning and what the audience will ultimately be drawn to. This is the moment to truly personify your brand and make it come to life.

  • A plan to track and assess the implemented strategies

Your plan to track your progress is perhaps the most important part of the brand strategy presentation. A plan to make a plan sounds counterintuitive, but oftentimes, clients don’t know where to begin to measure the goals you worked so hard to outline for the brand.

Make your brand brand new.

You’re just a few steps away from successfully presenting a brand strategy plan. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be on your way to making a client – or yourself – very happy. Most of all, remember to be engaging and authentic. You are presenting to people who want to believe in the brand, so get ready to sell it!

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