Have you heard of the phrase, “you’re not for everyone?” When I was trying to figure out my brand’s audience, it hit me hard. I had a good grasp on how to handle my followers from an age demographic (you can read more about this in last week’s post!), but identifying additional segments proved to be a challenge without compromising my brand identity.

Those who follow me on Instagram, know that I have been affectionately donned Cuban Martha Stewart, which resulted in a demand for Miami and Cuban-specific content. It was at this point that I had realized that I needed to cater to this segment of Cuban-American and Miami LatinX millennials in order to personalize the social media experience for these followers – an important segment of my brand.

Get to Know Your Segment

HubSpot Academy suggests determining a Buyer Persona for your brand before commencing targeted communication efforts. Essentially, a buyer personal is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer or audience, and conducting simple research on age demographics, geographical area, gender, and consumer habits, can help create an optimal audience on which to focus specific marketing.

In my unique circumstance, I ended up attracting people like myself, so coming up with a Brand Persona proved to be pretty easy. She is a 30 year-old Miami native with much love and appreciation for her Cuban heritage and Miami upbringing. She loves to create and is inspired by nostalgia and culture in all aspects of her life. Her consumer habits include supporting local entrepreneurs and collaborating with them.

“Yes, I am my own Brand Persona!”

Yes, I am my own Brand Persona, but my research suggested that my following primarily consisted of people like me, either by age, geography, and cultural identity, or local entrepreneurs and content creators with a similar demographic.

 Because of that, my content is full of Miami-isms and Latin culture representations such as this Instagram post with my latest Halloween cookies. The Spanglish, ode to the Tarot, and salsa background music, while curated for all audiences as a Halloween post (which is universal), speaks to the people in the targeted segmentation.

Iced sugar cookies in the shape of a pumpkin, ghost, crystal ball, trick or treat pumpkin, and message board, surrounded by smoke and tarot cards

You’re Not for Everyone

Don’t get me wrong – you may have a lot of people that love your business or your content – but in the end, focusing on the people who have the potential to be your absolute fans will provide better engagement opportunities and a more personalized experience for you and your consumers, that will truly add value to your brand.

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