In today’s era of vast media consumption, businesses have seen a greater need to amplify their presence on social media in order to find better ways to connect with their audiences and prospective customers. A branded social media presence is not only a necessity in establishing an audience, but the key to gaining their loyalty and long-term business or support. Social media has allowed businesses to build customer relationships like never before – giving them a new insight as to how consumers are interacting with their brand and digesting their content from the comfort of their smart phones.

I asked some knowledgeable experts to weigh in on the importance of a strong social media presence in attracting loyal audiences.

For Maria Pascan – a Marketing Consultant specializing in Social Media Marketing – quality matters.

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Maria Pascan, Social Media Marketing Specialist

“Migrating online is not a fad in 2020 but a necessity. Social Media offers the perfect platform to be in direct interaction with the brand’s consumers. Quality before quantity, this will help brands impose themselves on social media. To build loyalty bonds with consumers, they need to be honest, consistent, and implement personalization in all acquisition stages. Thus, loyal followers will be more willing to interact with the messages you leave, distribute your content, recommend your products and services, and finally, to conclude the transactions you want. Build a relationship of trust!”

Franco Aquino, Co-Founder of REN Marketing, makes the valuable argument that apperances alone don’t make a brand.

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Franco Aquino, Co-Founder at REN Marketing

“A brand isn’t established from a logo or the number of followers on a social media account. A brand is built based on what others say about a company or person at any given time. By working on their message, actions, and providing value, companies and people can influence what others say about them. A strong brand can prove useful as new audiences can more easily understand what the company or person is about and if their interests align with those of the company or person.”

Personifying a brand is a great approach to relationship-building, as Franco alludes. Presenting your brand as a person, or generally giving a brand personality attributes, such as values, gives consumers something to relate to and align their interests toward.

Being present is indeed a present, according to Cristina Alonso, whose grasp on media marketing is an asset to her job as a Digital Media Associate.

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Cristina Alonso, Digital Media Associate

“Building a brand is more than just picking the perfect logo or having a nice website. It’s about creating a brand with a message that relates to your target audience which is key to forming a loyal base. Relating to your audience is easier when you have a strong social media presence because it allows your audience to engage with your brand. Brand loyalty does not equal millions of followers, it equals positive engagement from new and existing customers. Whether it be a blog, a product, or a service, in the world of social media, being present is KEY.”

“…being present is KEY.”

Christina Alonso, Digital Media Associate

As an avid user of social media – particularly the Instagram platform – to engage my audience, I can attest to the importance of having an active social presence to create a more positive user experience.

Sure, what brands post can be click bait if it’s captivating enough, but what compels audiences to stay is what they’re getting in return. It feels good to be noticed in general; now imagine your favorite apparel designer or YouTuber interacts with your comment or that post of you wearing their merch? It will definitely impact your loyalty toward that brand in a positive way and inspire you to continue to engage with their content and perhaps even make a purchase to support the business.

Jacqueline Hernandez, Associate Connections Director at The Community, maintains that loyalty is encompassed by three Rs:

Jacqueline Hernandez, Associate Connections Director

“To drive loyalty, a brand needs to be reliable, relatable and relevant. Reliability establishes trust, relatability helps foster an emotional connection and relevance deepens that emotional connection within a broader cultural context. In today’s context, relatability and relevance cannot be achieved without a strong and engaging social media brand presence, as social media is not only the most prominently recurring touchpoint on the consumer journey, but is also the launch pad for cultural trends and conversation.”

Do more, and do it often.

Building a strong brand takes time and takes plenty of effort. The saying “you reap what you sow,” is so relevant when it comes to growing and maintaining a loyal audience. Our experts all agree that relationship-building is the heart of brand loyalty, and the effort you put into engaging your audience will establish connections made to last and grow with your brand. The question is, are you ready to do more to turn your passion into profit?

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