There’s a common misconception that brands have to be businesses or sell something to be considered a brand. But do  you know that a personal brand serves the same purpose? It’s basically a way for others to recognize you based on things like expertise in a topic (or several), experience in a field, your accomplishments, and more. Today, we’ll delve into personal brands and how to position yourself to successfully sell yourself and all you have to offer.

What’s in a brand?

As someone that is dedicated to sharing art in its many forms with others, it has been my goal to show my audience the possibility of making a seemingly difficult dish, or decorating an intricate cake, for instance. I don’t really want to sell anything – although I have sold my confections in the past – but rather sell the idea of what I’m doing.

One person who does this well is Martha Stewart. Yes, Martha Stewart has physical products that can be purchased, from kitchenware to craft supplies. But her claim to fame came through the idea that she could teach others to be crafters, bakers, gardeners, and home cooks. She sold others the possibility of being well-rounded homemakers with her instructional videos, and engaged her audience as the helpful next door neighbor.

Let’s get personal.

Similarly, I have taken to social media to show my cookie and cake creations, reinvented Cuban meals that my grandmother made, event and home décor, and more. Ironically, my audience has affectionately dubbed me the “Cuban Martha Stewart,” and I have built that into my persona. Embracing my cultural identity and my talent has ushered in an audience that is looking to make their lives beautiful while living their authentic selves. This has positioned me to have a genuinely engaged audience that seeks my guidance, expertise, and ideas to perhaps make a loved one’s birthday more special, or reconnect with their abuela through a comforting recipe.

Add your personal touch.

While I still have a long way to go in growing my brand, I have managed to deliver a unique and consistent message that sets me apart from others; but, most importantly, represents who I am and those that have chosen to follow my journey. When you live your brand, you’re embodying what you want your brand and your target to represent. It’s a modern way of manifesting what you want by setting your intention. So, are you ready to live your best brand?

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