As business owners, we’re familiar with different ways to segment our audience and consumers to ensure we are targeting them appropriately. Similarly, geolifestyle segmentation offers a way to segment audiences by their similarities in lifestyle, social activities, culture, and general tendency to gravitate toward one another.

Someone that has used geolifestyle segmentation to her advantage is Martha of Miami. The Miami-based Cuban-American entrepreneur has leveraged her roots by honing in on a very key demographic in the Miami area to successfully launch and manage her business.

Martha Valdes, of Martha of Miami

Martha of Miami is a brand dedicated to the Latinx (particularly Cuban) lifestyle and experience in Miami. The owner, Martha Valdes, has earned notoriety for marketing t-shirts, household items, and novelties that are specifically catered to a very niche audience. She has taken advantage of Geolifestyle segmentation by taking advantage of the similar cultural backgrounds among her consumers, their geographical location, and compatible lifestyles.

Martha’s brick and mortar store, La Tiendecita by Martha of Miami, is even geographically positioned for geolifestyle segmentation. Located in the heart of Westchester, Martha of Miami’s storefront captures the key demographic the brand targets, but on a more narrow scale. A zipcode lookup on Claritas shows the composition of this segment:

Not only is the demographic on target, with an overwhelming majority of Hispanic/Latino individuals, but the view by lifestyle group shows mostly midscale middle age people, and their children – the upscale younger family mix that make up the “City Roots” category.

Martha Valdes is actually the heiress of the popular Valsan wholesale chain owned by her parents, and these demographics are consistent with the representation she gives to her parents’ generation and, of course, her own, which encompasses millennials starting their families in their hometowns and going back to their roots. As such, Martha of Miami brilliantly caters Cuban coffee sets and Dominoes to the middle-aged crowd and family apparel for the young family demographic.

While this is just one successful example of geolifestyle segmentation, Martha of Miami is a good model for this type of segmentation, and offers a successful way to target consumers when you have a very unique niche business or brand.

The most important thing to note is your business’s purpose and who it’s intended for, and then determine what intersections exist in these personas that will contribute to a successful segmentation practice. Take advantage of the tools like Claritas and truly see which geographical categories best describe your business so that you can market it like a pro!

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