As someone that is dedicated to championing social justice and inclusion, the political and social climate is something that greatly influences my worldview. In these times where misinformation is running rampant, it is refreshing to see someone standing out in a crowd of static. Jessica Yellin has managed to market herself as a beacon of truth where extreme non-truths on either side of the political spectrum seem to be thriving. Through her platform, “News, Not Noise,” a campaign she started on Instagram to provide news to her viewers without the fluff, Yellin has managed to garner the support of more than 327,000 followers by using better marketing messaging. As stated by renowned marketing strategist (and guru), Anthony Miyazaki, “marketing communications should inform, remind, persuade,and connect.”

Yellin, a former CNN Chief White House Correspondent, expertly researches reputable news sources and deciphers what she believes her audience will find important – in this case, the news without the overload. This is crucial to her platform because her audience is intentionally looking for an easier way to digest what is going on in the world. She is successful in her attempts to provide information that is understandable by using common language and sticking to the point, and persuades her audience to donate to her Patreon account so that they may subscribe to more content and continue to support her work.

Throughout the day, Yellin consistently reminds her audience that she posts news videos every day, sends news to her viewers’ phones upon request, and is available on Patreon for those who would like to support her endeavors, making her brand accessible to her target audience. While her reporting style is meant to be objective, Jessica Yellin manages to persuade viewers to continue to watch her videos by convincing them that they are getting valuable content in a short amount of time and at the tip of their fingers. Indeed, the reason Yellin has managed to connect to her audience is because she provides quality content to her viewers, has established herself as a trustworthy source due to her vast experience in the field, and is able to present herself as real.

By consistently engaging her audience, whether by asking what content they prefer to see, or simply replying to questions on demand, Jessica’s work is a prime example of purposeful marketing communication, and she proves that setting these critical communication goals can effectively grow an online presence.

Check out Jessica Yellin’s platform, News, Not Noise on Instagram and consider supporting her work on Patreon for more great news content.  

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