As consumers, we all have our favorite brands, and those we are eternally loyal to – the ones we love. But what are these brands doing to gain our love? To explain this, let’s get into the concept of brand love.

Brand love, as a strategy, aims to attract loyal customers that advocate for the brand to other potential brand loyalists. So, how do brands get to the point of brand love? In addition to gaining customer satisfaction, brand love is earned through relationship marketing and customer value.

Think of brands that experience brand love and what they have in common. Their following is almost evangelical in that it sings the brands’ praises by utilizing social media and word of mouth marketing, and the brands build community among their brand loyalists, which keeps them connected – not only in their love for the brand – but in their messaging.

Brands, such as Disney, Apple, and Starbucks, are no strangers to brand love. They have managed to create a community of brand lovers by ensuring their customers are satisfied, engaged, and valued. They all use customer value to demonstrate desirability of a product that has clear value to a person’s life, and forge bonds with their consumers to ensure they see purchasing as an element of reciprocity.

Some brands engage in brand love through anthropomorphism, or the personification of their brand to influence emotion. Disney, for instance, has an actual fan club for their followers and refers to them as fans as opposed to customers. Even back in the Mickey Mouse Club days, viewers were dubbed unofficial Mouseketeers, to indoctrinate them into the world of Disney vis-à-vis the Mickey Mouse Club.

What are some other examples of brand love that you have experienced, and what are your favorite brands to give your love to? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

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