We’re all familiar with the Marketing Funnel, which takes consumers from awareness, to interest, to consideration, intent, and purchase. We use this model to help us guide our potential clients through the cycle of psychological categories that we hope eventually lead to them purchasing our product.

But what happens after we have successfully gained a customer’s business? The retention phase of the funnel is not one that is typically discussed, but is an essential part of building brand loyalty. While, statistically, consumers that have purchased a product or service are likely to purchase it again or purchase from a business again, they’re on a precipice and can be tipped in any direction.

As a business, what are you doing to convince those that purchased from you to purchase again, and again, and again? Here are some long-term incentives you may offer to retain your repeat clients:

  1. Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Starbucks is a great example of a company that keeps their customers coming back, and it’s partly because of their rewards program that honors loyal customers with a point system to incentivize purchasing. By earning stars, Starbucks customers are able to accumulate loyalty points that can be traded in for discounts, free coffee, and merchandise.

  • Targeted Content

Consumer psychology seems to be complex, but like everyone, they want a personalized experience. With many consumers spending time on social media, targeting advertisements to let them know we miss them, or allude to them buying a certain product again, will make them feel like we genuinely want them to shop with us again – and we do!

  • Email Coupons

Another great way to retain customers is to send them incentives like coupons via email. After a customer has completed a purchase, you can send them an email for a coupon or discount off a future purpose, to increase the likelihood that they will purchase again with the promise of a better value. Old Navy capitalizes on this with their Super Cash vouchers that are sent to customers after they have completed an online or in-store purchase.

What are you doing after the purchase?

You have successfully made the sale and made someone a believer in your business. Now, don’t forget to nurture that relationship and strengthen it so it will continue to give back to you for time to come. Remember that in every relationship, there is give and take, but as long as you keep them happy, they’ll be there for you too.

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