About Yesenis

Hi, I’m Yesenis! I’m a Scholarship Coordinator working with students with disabilities at Florida International University. I began to do graphic design for the department and developed a love for marketing and branding, and have since been managing the department’s marketing efforts. I am passionate advocate for access, inclusion, and social justice, and love using marketing to promote student success.

My other passion lies in the kitchen – or rather, in my love for cooking and baking. When I’m not working on campus, I dedicate a good part of my life to recreating my late grandma’s recipes, recipes of my own, and sharing baked confectionary designs on social media under the monicker, Cuban Martha Stewart. 

Currently pursuing my MS in Marketing at FIU, my goal is to build a lifestyle brand that showcases my talents and passions, but also gives back to the Miami community and pays homage to my Cuban roots. 

I aim to use this space to share my expertise in the field and give small business owners and influencers the tools they need to successfully market themselves while staying true to their authentic selves.